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Online Coaching

What we do

Let’s achieve your goals in a sustainable, cost-effective programme which will give you all the tools to enjoy health and fitness without impacting your everyday life.

Here at Elite, we know that it is sometimes very difficult to fit in going to the gym so we will tailor a programme to fit exactly what you are able to do. Many of our clients have seen results from training at home and following our programmes as we want our programmes to be as convenient as possible because fitness doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Our Tailored programmes are exactly that! Every client will receive a personalised programme which is unique and just for them, we will work with you to put together a programme which will help you achieve your goals and we will be there every step of the way!

As our programmes are personalised and tailored just for you it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced gym goer or not. If you are an experienced gym goer but want to push yourself to the next level then see where we can take you, it might just be one of the best things you will do! Our Programmes will guide you through different training mechanisms which will result in optimal results. You will also receive access to all our educational videos.

We specialise in Body composition, fat loss and Muscle growth and trained many clients for Marathons, Long distance events and Football specific training.

Make your training ELITE!

Package Options

The Elite Lifestyle Club wants to help everyone improve their goals without breaking the bank so we have put together three options for you to choose from! Whether you train at the gym or want to train at home, we will make sure the programmes are tailored for exactly what you need.
  • Classic

  • £30Per Month
  • You will receive a tailored 4-week programmes with coaching points and videos to guide you through different exercises and training strategies.
  • Access to videos
  • You will receive full access to our unique Nutritional planning system.
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  • Home Workout Membership

  • £25.99Per Month
  • Tailored programme
  • Access to our unique nutritional meal planner system (recipes and ideas suitable for the current situation)
  • Across to educational exercise videos
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Been training once a week with Luke since August, didn’t think I’d actually enjoy working out but he makes it fun whilst getting me results at the same time! I look forward to the sessions and his knowledge and advice is amazing. Really good PT and I started noticing the results just a couple of weeks in!Rachel

Just started out with training with Luke, a total transformation in my training routine much more intensity and volume! Already ready seeing and feeling the results! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a PT!Craig

Came to Luke with the goal of losing weight and within the first 6 weeks noticed big differences. Really friendly and knowledgable and has helped me massively when it comes to the gym and watching what I eat, cannot recommend enough!Evie

Looking for Online Coaching?

When signing up for our membership platform you will receive a Par Q/Questionnaire, please fill this out and email it back to us. Once this has been sent we can create your tailored programme to start your fitness journey! Allow 3-5 working days to receive your tailored programme and log in details for the platform. All memberships are on a non contract basis, there is just a 2 month no cancellation policy but after your 2nd month you will be able to cancel with no Fee.

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