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Personal Training

What we do

Here at  The Elite Lifestyle, we believe in honesty. We set you sustainable lifestyle goals and do not feed you lies about living off smoothies and shakes.  You can lose weight and still enjoy your meals.

Based in Real Bodies in Haverhill, Suffolk we have a highly successful teaching style. Your coach will tailor each session for your body and goals while ensuring your form is spot-on! Your coach will also ensure you master your nutrition and any extra exercise outside of the personal training sessions with the main goal of helping you achieve results with enjoyment.

We will work together to achieve your goals, we believe enjoyment is key, if you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t do it for long! Making sure health and fitness is sustainable and not a “Fad diet” is something very important to us.

Time and Time again we see people falling off the wagon due to very restrictive diets or not learning the tools to implement them. You may have been going to the gym for a while but seen no benefit, Luke will guide you and create a tailored programme where he will implement training strategies such as progressive overload which will change your outlook on training.

So if you want to get the most out of training and enjoy a beer or a meal out and still achieve your goals then please get in contact, you would have wished you had done it sooner.

What's Included

Our one to one personal training sessions are fun, motivating and will really guide you to where you want to be. Luke will make sure that you leave every session with a smile.

Personal training package:

One to one personal training sessions; Luke will assist and work with you to achieve your goals, sessions are 1 hour long and you will learn different training formulas, mobility stretches and much more! Times are flexible and the sessions are held at Real Bodies Gym, Haverhill.

Tailored Programmes; You will receive a tailored programme that you will go through every week with Luke, together you will put together a plan to reach your goals

Nutritional planning; You will be given full access to The Elite Lifestyle club’s Nutritional system where you will learn how to implement a balanced diet into everyday life without being restricted to just eating Chicken and Broccoli!

Who We Are


Luke Wilson

Head Trainer


  • £40£25Per Session
  • One-to-One Gym Sessions
  • Home Workout Plans
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Day-to-Day Support
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Been training once a week with Luke since August, didn’t think I’d actually enjoy working out but he makes it fun whilst getting me results at the same time! I look forward to the sessions and his knowledge and advice is amazing. Really good PT and I started noticing the results just a couple of weeks in!Rachel

Just started out with training with Luke, a total transformation in my training routine much more intensity and volume! Already ready seeing and feeling the results! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a PT!Craig

Came to Luke with the goal of losing weight and within the first 6 weeks noticed big differences. Really friendly and knowledgable and has helped me massively when it comes to the gym and watching what I eat, cannot recommend enough!Evie

Not within driving distance?


When signing up for our membership platform you will receive a Par Q/Questionnaire, please fill this out and email it back to us. Once this has been sent we can create your tailored programme to start your fitness journey! Allow 3-5 working days to receive your tailored programme and log in details for the platform. All memberships are on a non contract basis, there is just a 2 month no cancellation policy but after your 2nd month you will be able to cancel with no Fee.

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